The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Igor N. Chernyshev

Igor N. Chernyshev Elected by Strezhevoy single member constituency No.12

Political Party: Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia)

Faction of the State Duma of Tomsk Oblast: Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia)

Committee of the State Duma of Tomsk Oblast: Labor and Social Policy Committee, a chairman

Place of Employment: The State Duma of Tomsk Oblast, Labor and Social Policy Committee, Chairman

Date of Birth:February 13, 1963

Brief Biography
Born in the village Mys Kaldzha of Chainsky District of Tomsk Oblast. After leaving Strezhevoy School No.1, in 1980 entered Barnaul Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots. Until 1993 served in the Army. In 1993-1998 worked in the Strezhevoy education system as a teacher, the Head of the Information and Educational Center Basics of Life Safety, performing at the same time the duties of the Chief of Strezhevoy Civil Defense Staff. In 1998-2005 - the Head of the Strezhevoy Administration Civil Defense and Emergency Department. In 2004 graduated from Novosibirsk State Agrarian University in Jurisprudence.

Deputy of the State Duma of Tomsk oblast of the IV (2007-2011) convocation.
Deputies. 5th convocation

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