The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Activity Plan - 2008

The priorities of Tomsk Oblast State Duma legislative activity for 2008

In state construction and local government:
- to legislatively monitor local government and administrative reforms;
- to adopt regulatory legal acts in the Oblast territorial system;
- to conform electoral legislation to the Federal Legislation changes;
- to give regulatory and legal support for the activity of Justices of Peace;
- to consider awarding.

In fiscal and tax policy:
- to ensure a long-term stable and predictable tax and fiscal policy to meet strategic objectives;
- to improve the well-being of people and secure the reached economy growth;
- to use the tax policy economic tools to create incentives for positive structural changes in the economy; to support the investment activity and socially important kinds of activity;
- to provide the accelerated development of the Technical Innovation Zone;
- to increase the effectiveness of budgetary expenditures;
- to direct the priorities of budgetary expenditures to the National Projects implementation;
- to improve the Tomsk Oblast property management;
- to secure in the intergovernmental fiscal relations the tools for stimulation of municipal entities to develop their own tax base;
- to conform the fiscal and tax legislation to the Federal Legislation changes;
- to increase control over the use of budgetary allocations, efficacy of the budget programs implementation.

In economic policy:
- to create the conditions for the economy structure changing by developing the strategically important sectors producing the high value added product; to reduce the risks of dependence of the economy on the world markets situation;
- to create the conditions favorable for economic activity and attraction of investments to the Tomsk Oblast economy; to make the regional companies ready for effective collaboration with investors; to implicate the citizens' assets to implement the Oblast investment potentials, to reduce the investors' risks;
- to implement economic potential of the Research and Educational Complex; to develop the innovative economy sector; to develop the ‘new economy' areas;
- to create conditions facilitating the consolidation of academic science, higher education institutes, and industrial enterprises to promote innovations to the national and international markets;
- to create conditions to maximally meet the citizens' demands for housing by supporting development of public and housing utilities, social housing construction, elimination of slum and hazardous dwellings, scale-up of construction facilities, development of construction materials industry, development of housing construction financing tools, development of effective system of support provided to citizens in need for housing conditions improvement;
- to create conditions to develop the agro-industrial complex: stimulation of reorganization in the rural economy, accelerated development of cattle breeding, stimulation of development of the small-scale businesses, forming of highly potential staff in agriculture, provision of food supply security;
- to improve the Land Legislation;
- to create favorable conditions for the development of small and middle-scale business, implement the program of support for small and middle-scale entrepreneurship;
- to ensure reasonable and efficient usage of natural resources, implement resource-saving technologies and effective environment management systems, preserve unique ecosystems;
- to reduce expenditure of energy in production, ensure energy self-dependence and energy security of the region;
- to create conditions for transport infrastructure development, provide priority financing for construction activities, development and modernization of road networks, repair works on and maintenance of roads, create conditions for the development of river transport and minor aviation;
- to create conditions for structural reorganization of the regional timber industry complex and promote investment attractiveness of the forest industry;
- to create conditions for the development of new forms of housing management, improve the housing and public utilities management system, take measures aimed to save energy, modernize the objects of the public utilities infrastructure, stimulate by economic tools the reduction of costs in provision of housing and utilities services.

In social policy:
- to facilitate the procedure of provision of housing for people moved from slum and hazardous dwelling;
- to establish a legal basis for involvement of children and young people into sport activities, increase the number of sport clubs, groups, and schools;
- to improve the system of provision of social support for the population;
- to facilitate access of the population to an affordable and quality medical care, improve financial stimulation of health care workers;
- to improve financial stimulation of teachers, re-equip school canteens and ensure that school students have a balanced diet.

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