The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Activity Report 2007

Results of Priority Law-Making Activities
of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma of the IV Convocation in 2007

In accordance with the approved plan, the State Duma law-making activity of 2007 was pursued in the following priority areas:

1. State Construction and Local Government:
- subsequent legislative support of the local government reform;
- legislative support of the administrative reform;
- legislative provision of law enforcement and court systems reforms;
- passing of regulatory legal acts in the sphere of the Oblast administrative territorial system;
- formalization of electoral legislature in compliance with the federal law developments.

To support this domain, 45 laws were passed, including the laws On Municipal Service in Tomsk Oblast and On Municipal Positions and Municipal Service Positions in Tomsk Oblast.
The Duma is authorized to appoint magistrates in the Tomsk Oblast districts. In 2007 19 magistrates were appointed.

2. Fiscal and Tax Policy:
- increase of the population welfare and securing of the Oblast attained economic growth;
- securing of stable and predictable tax and budgetary policy in the long-term period to deliver on strategic targets;
- use of economic mechanisms to stimulate positive structural developments in the Tomsk Oblast economy, assistance to investment activity, socially important kinds of activity;
- securing of mechanisms for stimulation of municipal establishments in the budgetary relations to develop their own tax basis;
- formalization of Tomsk Oblast budgetary and tax legislature in accordance with the federal legislature developments.

To support this domain, 58 laws were passed, including:
- On Preferential Taxation in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Extension of Loans from Regional Budget;
- On the Oblast Budget Execution Report of Tomsk Oblast Administration for 2006;
- On Budgetary Relations in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Budgetary Process in Tomsk Oblast;
- On the Oblast Budget for 2008 and for the Scheduled Period of 2009 and 2010;
- On the Oblast Budget Expenditures Encouraging the Investment and Innovation Activity in Tomsk Oblast for 2008.

3. Economic Policy:
Legislature support of the national projects:
- Affordable and Comfortable Housing for the Citizens of Russia;
- Development of Agro-Industrial Complex.

Implementation of Tomsk Oblast Social and Economic Development Strategy until 2020, aimed to increase welfare and life quality of the Tomsk Oblast population, arrangement of conditions favorable for economic activity and attraction of investments.

Regulatory and legal support of structural changes of Tomsk Oblast economy in the following domains:
- creation of conditions to form a market of affordable housing, implementation of the program of wooden architecture preservation;
- development of basic resource industries, increase of their budgetary efficiency;
- implementation of economic potential of the Oblast research and educational complex, development of innovative economy sector, development of the "new economy" domains;
- solution of problems in initiation and development of Tomsk Oblast timber industry. Creation of conditions for investment attractiveness of forest industry;
- elaboration of measures to improve housing and public utilities, development of market relations in the area of housing and public utilities, cuts in utility payments of the population by decreasing expenses in utilities.

To support these domains, 41 laws were passed, including:
- On Stimulating the Energy-Saving Projects Implementation in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Radiation Safety of the Tomsk Oblast Population;
- On Environmental Protection in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Powers of Tomsk Oblast Authorities in the Sphere of Retailing Markets Organization.

4. Social Policy:
- improvement of the system of benefits and subsidies on payment for rent and public services based on individual accounting of people entitled to benefits;
- creation of a legal environment for development of charity and patronage;
- creation of new forms of medical assistance to the Tomsk Oblast population, encouraging of competition among public health care establishments, ensuring of available and high-quality medical assistance to the people of Tomsk Oblast, improvement of the mechanism of financial stimulation of medical workers (in the frameworks of the national project Health and the pilot project Modernization of Public Health Care System in Tomsk Oblast being implemented in the region);
- improvement of the mechanisms of social rent mortgage lending for low-income citizens, improvement of the procedures of recognition of young families as in need for housing, provision of accommodation for orphans and children without parental care (in the frameworks of the national project Affordable and Comfortable Housing for the Citizens of Russia and the regional target program Housing for Young Families and Young Specialists in Tomsk Oblast);
- improvement of the mechanisms of financial stimulation of teachers, further work on improvement of material support for educational establishments in Tomsk Oblast, ensuring of available and high-quality education (in the frameworks of the national project Education and the Law of Tomsk Oblast On Education).

Tо support this domain, 45 laws were passed, including:
- On Implementation of State Policy in the Sphere of Culture and Art in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Juvenile Committee and Protection of Rights of Juveniles in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Veterans of Labor in Tomsk Oblast;
- On Organization and Implementation of Charity and Patronage in Tomsk Oblast;
- On the Concept of Tomsk Oblast Demographic Development until 2010;
- On Approval of the Results of the Oblast Youth Contest of Compositions on the Subject "If I were a Deputy..."

In addition, 43 laws on the Oblast target programs were passed, including:
- Children in Tomsk Oblast, for 2007-2010;
- Provision of Targeted Social Assistance to Non-working Pensioners and Disabled People in 2007 in Tomsk Oblast;
- Prevention of Oncogynecological Diseases and Rehabilitation of Women who Have Suffered from these Diseases, for 2008-2010;
- Prevention of Offences and other Torts in Tomsk Oblast, for 2008 - 2009;
- Development of Small and Middle-Scale Entrepreneurship in Tomsk Oblast, for 2008-2010.

The Oblast Duma, in the course of its meetings, adopted 8 legislative initiatives on the draft Federal Laws, and 12 addresses to higher authorities.

For the contribution to the cultural and socio-economic development of Tomsk Oblast by the Laws of Tomsk Oblast:
- the title "Honorary Citizen of Tomsk Oblast" was conferred to 1 person;
- the badge "For Merit for Tomsk Oblast" was awarded to 13 people;
- the Honorary Diploma of Tomsk Oblast was given to 30 people;
- the badge of Tomsk Oblast "Mercy and Charity" was awarded to 13 people.
By the decrees of the State Duma of Tomsk Oblast the Honorary Diploma of Tomsk Oblast was given to 16 people.

The Duma, in the course of its meetings, considered 376 draft Federal Laws, 198 legislation initiatives of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and 213 addresses of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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