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Training package Parlamentarism in Russia: historical experience, challenges and perspectives.
The Tomsk Oblast Legislative (2007 - 2010: State) Duma works in close collaboration with scientific and cultural elite of the region. One of the key results of this partnership is a number of research-educational events devoted to the centenary of Russian parlamentarism. In the framework of these events in 2007 a training package was elaborated:

Parlamentarism in Russia: its historical experience, challenges and perspectives.
It is to become a critical element in the system of political literacy of Tomsk citizens. The training package consists of a working program, lecture course and complete set of tasks. The target learners of the project are teachers and students of the universities, senior students of secondary schools.

Research-educational Internet project Tomsk and its citizens in the history of Russian parlamentarism.
In April and May 2006 the centenary of the State Duma was widely celebrated in the Russian Federation. It is the first body of the Russian legislative power, which became one of the mechanisms and symbols of “political awakening” of the Russian society at the beginning of the 20th century.

The State Duma of Tomsk Oblast and the Tomsk Oblast Public Universal Scientific Library, named after A.S. Pushkin, implemented a joint research and educational Internet-project Tomsk and its citizens in the history of Russian parlamentarism (in Russian) to increase the cultural literacy of the population about the work of the 1st Russian Parliament and to acquaint the public with Tomsk (Siberian) “pages” of the history of Russian Parlamentarism.

The project combines reference, biographical, illustrative and bibliographical information.
These materials in a simple and illustrative way inform about who (public figures and what political organizations), how, why and with what results represented Tomsk, Tomsk Province and Siberia in the first Russian parliament in 1906-1917. The materials show how Russian political processes in the early 20th century were perceived, socially and politically implemented by citizens of Tomsk and Siberia.

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