The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

The State Duma of Tomsk Oblast
of the I-III convocations

I convocation (1994–1997)
The State Duma of Tomsk Oblast (at the XLV session (2010) – Tomsk Oblast State Duma was renamed as the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast) of the Ist convocation was called to start the creation of regional legislative system, to develop and to approve the status of Tomsk Oblast as a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the system of public authority of the Oblast, principles of their relations with the local government.
The first meeting of the Tomsk Oblast Duma was held on April 14, 1994.
The deputies were elected on the basis of majority system in 21 single member constituencies which are formed in the whole territory of Tomsk Oblast. There are 21 deputies in Tomsk regional parliament. They are workers and employees of industries, building, communication, rural economy, various fields of science, education, health service, representatives of business and local authorities. The deputies are 48 years of age at average. 19 people have higher education, including 1 academician, 4 corresponding members of branch Academies, two professors, two PhDs.

II convocation (1997–2001)
The interests of electors in the State Duma of Tomsk Oblast of the second convocation were represented by 42 deputies. Most of them have working experience in legislative and executive government bodies. 10 deputies were reelected from the first regional parliament.
According to the position, age and professional membership, the deputies represented different strata of society, management system, social sphere, important industries of national economy.
One of the first Duma resolutions was the approval of structure of the legislative body of Tomsk Oblast. Four committees were formed: legal, budgetary and financial, of economic policy, of labor and social policy. Every committee includes 12 standing commissions.

The deputy corps of the second convocation continued the following work started by the first convocation Duma: formation of the system of legislative acts determining the essential bases of the electoral process, organization and functioning of legislative and executive government bodies, formation and development of institutions of local government. More than 100 laws were passed in Tomsk Oblast. The Duma continued the formation of the legal bases of the state building, institutions of local government, administrative and territorial structure of the Oblast. Electoral legislation was improved. A special attention was given to the legislative regulation of social relations, social defense of the population of Tomsk Oblast.
A decision about the creation of the Council of Public Initiatives at the State Duma of Tomsk Oblast was taken. The Council includes fifty social and political associations of the Oblast, which work as a united advisory and expert-consultative body at the Oblast Duma.

III convocation (2001–2007)
The deputies of the III convocation of the State Duma of Tomsk Oblast were elected on the basis of the majority system in 21 two-member constituencies, formed in the whole territory of Tomsk Oblast.
There were 42 deputies in the Duma. 16 deputies of the III convocation had worked in the State Duma of former convocations: four deputies were the members of all three convocations; one deputy was the member of the first convocation, 11 deputies were the members of the second convocation.
One of the essential objectives of the Duma of the III convocation was to improve the well-being of people living in the territory of Tomsk Oblast. The activity of the deputy corps of the III convocation in this and other trends was fruitful.
TThe normative legal acts on economic development played their positive role. The budgetary incomes within 2002-2007 tripled (from 7 to 21 billion rubles). During five years of work of the III convocation of the Duma, a lot of laws on demography and improvement of life standards were passed. Allocations to the health service and sport were increased in 700 % (from 380 to 2600 million rubles), allocations to the education were increased from 249 to 1400 million rubles, financial assistance to local budgets - from 2,7 to 7,2 billion rubles.
3461 resolutions and 989 laws were passed by the deputies of the Duma of the III convocation.

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