The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast

Constituencies of the V convocation

Half of the Legislative (2011 - 2016) Duma of Tomsk Oblast of the V convocation is formed by proportional system (proportionally to the number of votes for regional lists of candidates for deputies nominated by electoral associations), another half by majority system (from single member constituencies). Deputies are elected by the population of the Oblast for 5 years.

Map of constituencies, Tomsk oblast
Constituency No.: 7
Name of Constituency: Beloozersky
Location of District Election Commission: Tomsk
Municipal Formations within Constituency: Tomsk
Number of electors: 37 326

Deputy: Chingis M. Akataev

Information on Constituencies during Elections of Deputies
to the Duma of the V convocation.

Constituency No. Name of Constituency Location of District Election CommissionMunicipal Formations within ConstituencyNumber of electors
1Vuzovsky TomskTomsk34 462
2KirovskyTomskTomsk37 369
3AkademicheskyTomskTomsk36 667
4CentralTomskTomsk36 761
5LeninskyTomskTomsk38 352
6KashtachnyTomskTomsk37 956
7BeloozerskyTomskTomsk37 326
8MichurinskyTomskTomsk38 140
9LesnoiTomskTomsk37 162
10VostochnySeverskSeversk37 842
11ZapadnySeverskSeversk37 805
12StrezhevoyStrezhevoyStrezhevoy Alexandrovsky district38 560
13Kolpashevsky Kolpashevo (village)Kolpashevsky district31 900
14AsinovskyAsino Asinovsky and Tomsky districts33 507
15MalinovskyTomskTomsky district, Seversk33 135
16TomskyTomskTomsky district35 103
17SevernyKargasok (village)Kargasoksky and Parabelsky districts, town okrug Kedrovy30 162
18PriobskyPodgornoe (village)Bakcharsky, Krivosheinsky, Chainsky and Shegarsky districts31 527
19ShegarskyMelnikovo (village)Kozhevnikovsky and Shegarsky districts31 360
20Ketsky Bely Yar (village)Verhneketsky, Kolpashevsky and Molchanovsky districts30 446
21Chulymsky Zyryanskoe (village)Zyryansky, Pervomaisky and Teguldetsky districts33 211

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