The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast


Potential and Competitive Advantages
- Highly educated population
- Rich natural resources
- Research and educational complex
- Infrastructure for innovation activity is under development
- Special economic zone of technical and innovation type (since 2006)
- Region development programs are under way
- Favorable business environment
- Political stability

Priority Economy Sectors (according to the Strategy of Tomsk Oblast Development till 2020)
- information technology;
- biotechnology;
- research and educational complex;
- "new economy";
- electrical engineering and instrument engineering;
- oil and gas sector;
- nuclear sector;
- food industry;
- mechanical engineering;
- timber industry complex;
- gas and petrochemical sector;
- agriculture.
Various investment projects supported by federal and regional authorities are implemented.
There is a wide range of opportunities for effective investments by potential investors in mutually beneficial cooperation projects.

Main Legislative and Statutory Acts Regulating Investment Activity in the Territory of Tomsk Oblast.
The State Duma of Tomsk Oblast passed a number of laws to stimulate investment activity in the region: On state support of investment activity in Tomsk Oblast, On the procedure of providing payers with additional concessions on taxes and duties levied to the regional budget, On regional budget expenditures on investment and innovation activity in Tomsk Oblast for 2005, On investment tax credit in Tomsk Oblast.

State Support of Investment Activity (Guarantees and Privileges)
Investors involved in implementation of investment projects relevant for the social and economic development of the Oblast are granted: tax privileges and changes in terms of tax payment regarding taxes which are levied to the regional budget; budget loans; state guarantees; provision of guarantees on fulfillment of liabilities for subjects of investment activity; subsidies and subventions to help finance implementation of investment projects; budget investments; other non-financial forms of support.
Organizations which benefit from foreign investments are provided with all types of Tomsk Oblast state support intended for Russian economic entities.

Our region is the most favorable one in terms of the legislative risk
The national rating agency Expert RA publishes annual investment attractiveness ratings of Russian regions and territories. An “Attractiveness Rating” is the assessment of two main components: risk (probability of loosing investments and profits) and prospects.
One of the main components of the integrated risk is the so-called “legislative risk”. Investment legislation is the focus of investors’ attention, they want to know whether the regional laws facilitate or complicate their activity. According to this characteristic, Tomsk Oblast is on top of the 2006-2007 rating list, which means that our region is the most favorable one in terms of the legislative risk.
In other words, the region has the best investment legislation in Russia, which speaks for its investment attractiveness. That is why, following the results of the Russian 2006-2007 investment attractiveness rating, Tomsk Oblast became the winner in the nomination The Best Legislative Conditions for Investment.

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