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New Names on “The Brightest” List of Tomsk

Boris Maltsev, the speaker of the Oblast Duma, arranged a state reception to celebrate the laureates’ triumph
28 gifted young scientists and talented youngsters became laureates of the Tomsk Oblast State Duma Award 2007.
On February 19 Boris Maltsev, the speaker of the Oblast Duma, arranged a state reception to celebrate the laureates’ triumph. Almost all the applicants, their relatives, teachers, and scientific advisors were present.

‘Five years ago a wonderful tradition came into being – to award the brightest young scientists and talented youngsters with the Tomsk Oblast State Duma Award,’ said Boris Maltsev in his opening speech. ‘The final decisions in this regional competition are taken by a special committee from Novosibirsk rather than by the citizens of Tomsk. The Deputies of the Oblast Duma only approve the results by a secret vote. Thus, this is a very transparent, trustful and, which is most important, unbiased award. I am to see that the number of applicants is growing year by year. This year alone we received 264 papers, and for the whole five-year period over a thousand of participants took part in the competition! They all had a brilliant future – the winners in the nomination Talented Youngsters entered the leading universities of Tomsk and Moscow, successfully defended their final research projects. The winners in the nomination Young Scientists defended their PhD and doctorate projects, discovered new phenomena and opened new scientific horizons. Tomsk Oblast can rightfully take pride in its exceptionally talented youngsters and bright young scientists. The young people on the stage represent not only the future of Tomsk Oblast but the prospects for the whole Russia!’

It was necessary to carry out a fundamental research project or to develop and implement a state-of-the-art equipment, materials and technologies of the new generation in order to apply for the Award. There is a special nomination for school students – Talented Youngsters – where the emphasis is put on their performance at school, participation and results in school competitions, and involvement in the research activity.

‘Our future lies with engineers,’ said Vladimir Ponomarenko, the Chairman of the Oblast Duma Budget and Finance Committee, ‘as only people with an engineering thinking are able to come up with the innovations much discussed today and attract the investments. The sooner we find the young people who can and want to do research, work in production, run business, the better for us. Tomsk has plenty of progressive-minded people as well as traditions to make a breakthrough in the development of our region.’

Irina Nikulina, the Oblast Duma Deputy, believes that this award gives additional impetus to research activity among young people. ‘This idea coming from the Oblast Duma is meant for Tomsk. This year the Award celebrates its fifth anniversary, and over this five-year period we have got quite a few associate professors and professors, and we hope to have academicians by the tenth anniversary of the competition. May we have Nobel Prize laureates by the twentieth anniversary… Win and become Deputies, professors, ministers, and millionaires! We will certainly help you.

Among 264 competition participants: 79 talented youngsters (school students), 50 university students, and 135 young scientists. The Tomsk Oblast State Duma Award 2007 was granted to 28 participants: 18 young scientists and 10 talented youngsters.

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